Sundays get a bad rap. We spend them nursing sore heads, dreading Mondays, and in general comparing them plaintively to Saturdays. But Bristol’s a great city to spend a laidback, lovely Sunday in, and – as ever – we’re partial to bike as the best method to get around. Here’s the Sunday stops you should make on your route:

Sunday Lunch

It’s a classic for a reason. Jump on your bike and preemptively burn off some calories before you go for a Sunday Lunch at one of Bristol’s many excellent pubs and restaurants. A couple of tips to get you started: the Volunteer Tavern is only a stone’s throw away from Cycle The City on New Street, occupying a 340-year-old building and serving up a range of delicious dinners; bring out your inner Danish cyclist at the Rose of Denmark; off Bedminster Road, the Spotted Cow does a smashing lunch and on the first Sunday of every month serves up a locally sourced suckling pig for your gastronomical pleasure; and if your pedal-pushers are up to the hill, The Lion in Cliftonwood can give you a great roast and a view of the suspension bridge.

A post-hangover cruise

Work off your sore head with a leisurely ride down by the river. Following the smooth and easy to ride trails along the Floating Harbour and by Leigh Woods is a great way to get out and about without making yourself ill(er). We promise no hills, no effort, and – if you need it – a picnic basket with some hair of the dog to help you recuperate.

Markets galore

Some of Bristol’s best outings are available on a Sunday. On certain weeks check to see if Make Sunday Special is running; just a short bike ride from the harbour will bring you to a colourful takeover of Corn Street featuring music, arts and crafts, and street food. But Sunday in, Sunday out for the rest of the year, you’ll find the Harbourside Market and the Tobacco Factory Market in full swing. Ride your bike across, park and have a wander around, and fuel up for the next stretch in your journey.

Literal Sundaes

If the pun fits. There’s plenty of time on a lazy Sunday to stop for an ice cream, and there’s enough good ice cream in Bristol to woo you in hot or cold weather. The Parlour is a colourful ride up Stokes Croft and under the Arches where you’ll be rewarded with artisan and ever-changing flavours; Swoon will let you watch the gelato process unfold from behind a glass-walled “gelato lab” before you collapse in the sunshine on College Green to enjoy it; or if you’re after something a touch healthier, Flavalanche on Park Street have a range of delicious frozen yogurts along with your traditional indulgence.

And keep a weather eye out…

If you’d like some company and direction on your Sunday ride, you’re in luck. Stay tuned for more Sunday bike news coming soon…