There’s loads going on in Bristol, often so much that you can be hard-pressed to fit it all in. Here’s a trick: take a bike with you and cut down your journeys. Plus we think there’s no better way to get around Bristol than on one of the city’s many well-tracked cycle paths, on your way to one of the city’s well-known hotspots. Here’s our top pick of places to get to via cycle.

Wild Swimming

There’s no beach in Bristol, but there is a river, and you can follow that river to find a range of amazing swimming places dotted in and around Bristol. Henleaze Lake is a favourite for a reason, with its beautifully kept grounds and cool waters, and it’s just a pleasant cruise up Henleaze Road on your bike. If you haven’t made it onto their hefty waiting list yet, though, there’s plenty of opportunities: Saltford offers some wonderful spots to dip into the river, with the Jolly Sailor nearby for a drink afterward, and it’s on the Bristol to Bath Cycle Path, making it a lovely peaceful ride away from cars. Or cycle on further to Bath and Kensington Meadows, where a lovely part of the River Avon next to the nature reserve provides plenty of opportunities for a quiet swim. Other great spots to consider are Warleigh Weir, the River Yeo in Yatton, or the shallow spots of the Avon near Lacock Abbey.

Street art on wheels

Bristol’s famous for its street art, and there’s tons of it about. So much, in fact, that walking from spot to spot can get a little tiring! Jump on your favourite two-wheeler instead and enjoy a leisurely cycle from place to place. North Street in Bedminster is the place to start – the home of Upfest, it’s got the very best of the best, from LM7’s parrot mural to id-iom’s leaf-bearded men and more. But there’s plenty more to see: visit a breakdancing Jesus in Stokes Croft, check out a turtle-riding grandma in Eastville, or go for a long ride along the river to visit a new mural in Avonmouth. And of course, there’s plenty of Banksy to go around: see if your pedal-pushers are up to Park Street’s hill, or cruise down Jamaica Street to see him appear in Stokes Croft.

Enjoy the scene

There’s plenty to do in Bristol for the bike-lover. Cruise by Roll For The Soul, Bristol’s central bike community cafe for some lunch and a chat with fellow bike-enthusiasts, or Spoke and Stringer for a bit of shopping: they’ve got some of the coolest cycle-themed merch around (and they’re also great for a bite and a drink).

If you want to learn more about what’s going on under the surface, check out Boneshaker, a Bristol-based magazine that’s now read – and contributed to from – all over the world, exploring bike culture, bike concepts, and the thrill of cycling. It can be found in a huge range of stockists across Bristol, but if you’re having trouble tracking it down, have a chat with us and we’ll help you out.


We’re not huge fans of offices ourselves, necessary evil though they may be. We accept that they’re a good way to get things done, but we reckon there’s always room for a change, for the chance to get to know your colleagues a little better, for the opportunity to look away from a screen and into the sky. Our vote for the best kind of corporate retreat is one that gets you outside and active, and there’s a growing trend involving bikes to do so.

Bikes can get you, your colleagues, and/or clients out of the office and exploring Bristol in a new light. There’s plenty of two-wheeled activities that are ideal for team building or staff outings, or you might even want to use bikes to showcase your city to visiting clients.

So set up an Out of office: Gone cycling autoresponse, grab your team, and head to the great outdoors.

Want some help with any of the above?

If you’re all ready to go but for the bike, head on over to Cycle The City and we can sort you out with a bike hire. Or, if you’re looking for company and expertise, join us on our brand new Bristol Culture Tour to take in street art, food, and more with our friendly guides and beautiful route.

And if you do want to get your office onto a bike, check out our corporate office packages. We can tailor it to you as much as you’d like.